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Sometime after Dying Light initially launched, an improved version of the game was released alongside its expansion and some of its DLC. Owners of the original version who wanted in needed to upgrade, of course. Now, years later, anyone who owns the original Dying Light on PC will be able to get a free upgrade to the Enhanced Edition, allowing them to finally partake in the excellent The Following expansion. It’s a solid gesture that will likely also grab some attention for the recently released sequel. The expansion is also required if you want to see what becomes of the main game’s protagonist, Kyle Crane.

But the free upgrade to Enhanced is not all that Techland is offering for the original Dying Light. Hellraid, the game’s second piece of DLC, which thrust players into a dungeon crawler, also got its final update today. This update adds quality of life changes, new weapons, and new consumables into the game mode. There’s also a new in-game event that will reward participants with a new blueprint. A new Dieselpunk DLC is being sold as well, if you ever wanted to add some dieselpunk flair to the proceedings. The game’s PvP mode, Be the Zombie, also received a new update, making this quite the hefty affair for a game that I assumed would be mostly abandoned by now.


There and back again

Dying Light is, of course, developer Techland’s open-world zombie survival game set in the fictional city of Harran. You play as Kyle Crane, a man sent to infiltrate and dismantle a warlord’s organization, all the while crafting zany new weapons and using them to decimate hordes of the undead. The game has been a fan favorite for a lot of years now and has a ton of community-made content capable of keeping players busy for quite some time. While fans are no doubt mostly going to be playing the newest entry, there’s something special about the original that makes it still worth putting time into.

If you need more Dying Light in your life and didn’t get the Enhanced Edition, the free upgrade is out today.

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