Dying Light’s My Apocalypse Edition comes with a house

Stunt marketing time: the Dying Light My Apocalypse Edition comes with a house.

Dying Light‘s UK physical release is happening on 27 February (this Friday), and to drum up attention, there’s a super-special edition in the works: the My Apocalypse Edition. If you’ve got a spare £250,000 lying around, you can pre-order it from GAME.

Yup: £250,000. For your money you get four signed Steelbox copies of Dying Light, two pairs of Razer Tiamat headphones, a pair of night-vision goggles, some adult diapers for the night portions of the game, and your face skinned onto a Night Hunter model you can use in the Be the Zombie multiplayer mode. That’s the slightly-standard stuff, but there’s more.

You’ll also get a trip to Techland in Poland to meet the dev team, some “zombie avoidance parkour lessons” with Ampisound (the team that did the Parkour POV video), and a Be the Zombie match against the devs. Which is rigged in your favour. So that you can win and then boast about how you beat the devs.

None of which quite seems like it’s worth £250,000, but that’s because you also get a house. Really. A custom-built house made by Tiger Log Cabins, complete with an arsenal storage, an upper deck with vantage points and an escape house, and a living area with a TV, an Xbox One, and a sound system. No mention of whether it also has a generator to run all of those things should the zombie apocalypse happen.

With that in mind I’m sort of guessing that this offers the Xbox One version of the game, so I could turn this into a “Techland shafts PC users” story, but if you actually have £250,000 to spare for this… welp, I’m not sure the particular version of the game would worry you too much.

The Dying Light My Apocalypse Edition can apparently be pre-ordered at GAME now, but I can’t see it on their website so maybe it’s already been bought, or maybe it’s only available in stores. I’m going to take a wild guess that none of you were really planning on buying it anyway, though.

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