Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires gets Custom Scenarios, Edit Mode

A huge amount of new media has been released for Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires, unveiling the improved Edit Mode and the new Custom Scenarios.

Edit Mode lets you create your own characters and shunt them into Empire Mode, like the great big history-altering buffoon that you are. You can also use this to edit allied soldiers, their warhorses, their banners, and more, creating your own custom unit to fight with. You can also use this mode to edit the maps used in scenarios, creating your own levels to fight through.

Then there’s Custom Scenario mode, which lets you adjust the sweeping campaign itself. You can change the locations and rulers of each kingdom, swap their officers around, create your own title and introduction for the scenario, and basically create some sort of bizarro version of the Three Kingdoms.

Accompanying these details are about seventy billion screenshots, which you can see below. Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires is due to launch on 27 February.

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