dynasty warriors 8 xlce (4)

The chance to hear Dian Wei’s original Japanese voice should be available soon.

The PC version of Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition looks as though it will soon be receiving the same DLC sets as the PS4 version. Over at the Steam Database site, you can see that 22 different DLC entries have shown up for Dynasty Warriors 8, and Koei Tecmo’s European twitter account also confirms it’s on the way.

There’s no definitive date for that yet, but given the activity on the Steam Database and that semi-announcement it seems to be happening sooner rather than later. The DLC options will include the oft-requested Japanese voices, which (if pricing is the same as the PS4 version) should be a freebie download.

Here’s what should be available once they launch:

DW8XLCE – DW7 Original Costume Pack 1
DW8XLCE – DW7 Original Costume Pack 2
DW8XLCE – DW7 Original Costume Pack 3
DW8XLCE – Original Costume Pack
DW8XLCE – Weapon System & Upgrade Pack
DW8XLCE – Weapon System Pack
DW8XLCE – New Stage & Animal Pack
DW8XLCE – New Stage & Camp Symbol Pack
DW8XLCE – Soldier & Officer Uniform Set
DW8XLCE – Japanese Voice Option
DW8XLCE – Special Costume Pack 1 & Special Weapon
DW8XLCE – Special Costume Pack 2
DW8XLCE – Old Costume Pack 1
DW8XLCE – Old Costume Pack 2
DW8XLCE – Old Costume Pack 3
DW8XLCE – Old Costume Pack 4
DW8XLCE – Powerful Weapon Pack
DW8XLCE – Wallpaper Pack
DW8XLCE – Unique Weapon Pack
DW8XLCE – Base Theme Pack

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