Gundamnit, they announced a release date.

The most expansive Gundam experience will arrive in Tecmo Koei Europe’s upcoming game Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn on 27th June 2014 in retailers across Europe. Featuring Mobile Suits and their pilots from over 30 years of Gundam anime and manga, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn boasts the largest in-game roster of Mobile Suits and number of missions yet.

Today Tecmo Koei Europe also reveals some new Mobile Suits and their pilots:

  • SCV-70 White Base
  • MA-08 Big Zam
  • CONCEPT-X 6-1-2 Turn X
  • GFAS-X1 Destroy
  • ZGMF-X666S Legend

Players will experience the best moments of the Gundam series in florid glory with familiar epic battles as they pilot powerful Mobile Suits and pulverize hundreds of enemies on the screen at once in true Dynasty Warriors style. Enter the battle fray either solo or with a friend in local or online co-op play and experience the Gundam excitement chock full of explosive action.

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