The finale to a trilogy is always exciting, the finale to the trilogy is a must see. Yes, that’s what I’m saying, Mass Effect is this generation’s trilogy. The one you should have played, the one you should have liked and the one you should be desperate for more of.
Details on the in’s and out’s of Mass Effect 3 are few and far between so here’s hoping that EA/BioWare lift the lid a little during this year’s show and offer up some decent chunks of info.
What we know so far is that Commander Shepard begins the game standing trial, during which time the Reapers launch on attack on Earth. However, the game is not set on Earth (at least not entirely). “The battle for Earth is lost,” BioWare’s Casey Hudson told GameInformer. “The only hope is to flee, gather support, and mount a counter-attack to reclaim the planet.”

It’s also been suggested that Cerberus – the shady ‘corporation’ Shepard was working for in the second game – have turned against our hero, but the reasoning behind the action is as yet unclear. Shame, because I had a soft spot for The Illusive Man. Perhaps because I was jealous of his fancy eyes.
In terms of combat BioWare have promised that the Reapers will offer something different from what the series has previously provided. Speaking to PC Gamer, Casey Hudson said that Reapers can “suck back the health of the enemies that you’ve killed around it” and will also have a strong melee attack.
Those looking for a new relationship may be disappointed to hear that there are not going to be any new love interests in Mass Effect 3 – you’ll have to make do with those that managed to survive the end of the second game. Unfortunately, for me, that doesn’t leave me many heterosexual options.
There have been rumours doing the rounds that, unlike the first two games, Mass Effect 3 will include some form of multiplayer element. What could that be? Who knows, even the rumours fail to offer any kind of guess. Hudson’s response to the question was merely that “we don’t have anything to announce at this time” which, of course, lead to more excited rumour constructing.
The following cast members have been confirmed as returning for Mass Effect 3:

The Illusive Man
Commander Shepard
Captain Anderson
Garrus (if he survived)
James Sanders
Liara T’Soni
Kaidan Alenko or Ashley Williams (the Virmire survivor)
Legion (if he survived)
Wrex (if he survived)
Mordin (if he survived)
Ambassador Udina



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