E3 2014 conference schedule – These are the times you need to know

E3 2014

It’s a packed day for E3 2014 conferences and it all kicks off later this afternoon, or morning if you’re west coast US.

  • Microsoft press conference – Monday 9 June 9:30 AM PDT (5:30 PM GMT) – Watch it live.
  • EA press conference Monday 9 June 12PM PST (8PM GMT) – Watch it live
  • UbiSoft – Monday 9 June 3PM PST (11PM GMT) – Watch it live
  • Sony – Monday 9 June 6PM PST (2AM GMT) – Watch it live
  • Nintendo – Tuesday  9:00 AM PDT  (5:00 PM GMT) – E3 site

While the EA and Ubisoft conferences are probably the ones to watch for PC gamers, we know some of you may be interested in the console conferences so we’ve listed those too, although I’m not sure there’s much point in the Nintendo conference.

The next few days are going to be busy and we’ll be making sure you don’t miss anything important that  comes out of E3 this year. Keep a close eye on IncGamers over the next few days. This week’s podcast will also be discussing the hot news from the show so tune in for that when we fire it up later this week.

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