E3 2015: Killer Instinct Coming to PC, Supports Cross-Platform Play

The line between console and PC continues to be blurred with cross-platform titles. The Oculus was one thing announced this year that would be supported on the Xbox One with streaming and having the Xbox One controller ship with the VR set. Now, it looks like the fast-paced fighter, Killer Instinct, will be coming to PC. The news also comes with it the support of cross-platform play and arcade stick support.

The announcement came at the PC gaming event held at E3 2015. It was the first time an event was dedicated solely to PC gaming. Spencer also had this to say about Windows 10:

…for me, there are a lot of opportunities for cross-platform, but there’s a lot of games that should be on a TV or a PC with a mouse. But giving developers an option…with a canvas for creativity has led to the best space in the industry today.”–Phil Spencer

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