All the E3 2017 conference schedule times for all time zones

All the E3 2017 conference schedule times for all time zones

E3 2017 is approaching once again and as usual, it’s packed with pre-event conferences from some of the industry heavyweights. Ahead of the main event, there are a few days of pre-show hype to get through and the E3 organisers have put together this handy sheet which they posted on Twitter so you know what’s on when.

Click the picture below to expand the image for all the different timezones with the times of each conference. Monday and Tuesday are the two days PC gamers should keep an eye on with the Bethesda, PC Gaming Show and UbiSoft conferences all taking place.

E3 2017 Press Conference Schedule

How important these events will be remains to be seen because in recent years most of the important news announcement have been made prior to any of the events. At best there will likely be a new trailer or some basic information about the announcements. Perhaps we’ll be surprised this year.

Don’t panic if you miss anything, we’ll have all the important E3 2017┬ánews announcements up on PC Invasion as fast as possible.

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      Microsoft moving to Sunday is seriously messing with my sense of E3 tradition.