E3 2021 Will Embrace The Online Experience As A Digital Event (2)

Later this month, fans of Blizzard will be able to celebrate the games they love as part of an online-only event in the form of BlizzConline 2021. It will be the first of many likely digital events that will take place in 2021, as we continue to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the biggest players, though, has now joined in. Following the cancellation of last year’s show, E3 2021 has now pivoted into a full online show.

This confirmation follows after the Entertainment Software Association’s commitment to an event in 2021. While other digital showcases helped fill the void last year, it just did not feel right that the biggest show of them all was missing.


Hopefully, that will be rectified this year with the online version of E3 2021. Of course, everyone had more hope that things would be better by 2021, but expectations have to be checked. That said, plans for an online digital show are still going ahead. According to a VGC report, pitch documents have been sent out to various game publishers. The plan is for three days of live stream coverage taking place from June 15 to 17. These are the same dates that were penned down last year.

E3 2021 Will Embrace The Online Experience As A Digital Event (1)

Change is inevitable

The online E3 2021 will also have several keynote sessions, awards, a preview night, as well as separate streams from publishers, influencers, and other notable figures. In the week leading up to the actual show, we can expect a similar approach from years gone past. Major publishers will hold pre-E3 events, and that means plenty of previews and demos.

The transformation of E3 2021 was inevitable. At least this way we have something concrete to look forward to than just wild speculation. The most ideal scenario is still the usual blockbuster physical show, but in such times, it is best to make do with what we have.

More details about the online E3 2021 will be shared in the near future.

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