EA Accidentally Announces C&C4?

Electronic Arts may have accidentally announced Command & Conquer 4.Joystiq spotted a Tweet on EA’s UK press Twitter, reading “New release: EA LOS ANGELES ANNOUNCES THE DEVELOPMENT OF COMMAND & CONQUER 4,” along with a link to a press release that doesn’t appear to be there.We can’t see the Tweet ourselves, which implies that it may have been pulled down as soon as someone noticed it had gone up, but one way or another we’d advise you all to keep your eyes open for a more deliberate announcement soon.C&C4 doesn’t exactly come as a huge surprise, though – an official survey that went up on the internet awhile back contained a lot of information on potential features in the unannounced sequel, including co-op campaigns, “MMORPG-like player progression,” mobile bases, and more.We’ll keep you posted.

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