EA claims to have a “special announcement” for The Game Awards

EA’s Peter Moore says he’ll be showing up on stage with Geoff Keighley at Friday’s Game Awards with a “special announcement” of some sort. This poorly disguised adverteaser appeared on twitter earlier today.

You might be tempted to guess what kind of surprise EA might have for The Game Awards, but Keighley himself pops up beneath Moore’s tweet to say he’s pretty sure “no one will guess this one.” So apparently whatever you come up with is probably wrong. Unless it isn’t!

Update 5 December: It was this, I guess.

EA have Battlefield: Hardline and (in the much further future) Star Wars: Battlefront and a new Mass Effect coming up. So it could be related to one of those. There’s also the usual collection of FIFA and other assorted sports titles, but it’d be surprised if it was anything to do with them, really.

By chance, EA’s Origin have been teasing something as well; albeit for Thursday rather than Friday so they’re probably not connected. Apparently we can look forward to “something explosive” relating to Origin on 4 December. The comments beneath the announcement tweet suggest it’s not to do with an ‘On the House’ freebie so I can only conclude that Origin will begin selling high explosives from tomorrow. It’s the only thing which makes sense.

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