EA E3 2011 Press Conference Round-up

Battlefield, Need for Speed, FIFA and Mass Effect 3 steal the show.

EA certainly know how to put on a good performance and get us excited. Stunning live gameplay presentations for Battlefield 3 andNeed for Speed: The Run, joined juicy new info and trailers for Mass Effect 3, FIFA 12, Madden 12 andKingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.
Mass Effect 3’s release date was confirmed as 6 March 2012. Battlefield 3 will launch on 25 October, ahead of Modern Warfare 3’s 8 Novemebr street date.
There was also time for Insomniac Games to release there new game, OverStrike, a team-based shooter set in the near future in which players fight evil as part of ‘The Misfits’, an outcast group of rag-tags from their own special service agency.
Image from Battlefield 3.
Here is our pick of the top stories to come out of EA’s E3 2011 press conference:

Mass Effect 3 dated for 6 March
Battlefield 3 gets 25 October release date
Insomniac Games reveal OverStrike
Battlefield 3 multiplayer open beta set for September
Kingdoms of Amalur makes bold promise of ‘endless choice’
Need for Speed: The Run features on-foot play. Controversy!
EA tease new Star Wars: The Old Republic info
SSX to feature ‘massive’ open-world, real-world mountains
New features and confirmed release date for Madden 12
FIFA 12 has ‘Football Club’ metagame and ‘real world physicality