EA flies the flag for LGBT Pride month

EA Pride

EA are all set to support LGBT pride month in June by involving their employees in events across the globe.

The company will be fully behind the celebrations to raise awareness of the LGBT community by flying the rainbow flag and taking part in activities through the month of June which will include their employees.

EA offices in Seattle, San francisco, also Los Angeles, Stockholm, Vancouver, Austin and Orlando will also take part in the Pride Parades to show their support for the LGBT community, an event that they took part in last year

EA’s blog explains why Pride month is important to them as a company adding:  “In celebration of what the Pride festivals represent, we will fly the rainbow flag to not only raise awareness and show our support for the LGBT community, but more so, in our desire to work and live in a society with equality.”

It’s great to see EA getting involved with the LGBT community. Gaming is for everyone and there needs to be more tolerance and a better understanding of the LGBT community.

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