EA hated more than the Weinstein Company and the Trump Organisation

EA hated more than the Weinstein Company and the Trump Organisation

USA today has just published a list of the top twenty most-hated companies in the US and Electronic Arts (EA) unsurprisingly makes the list.

The list has been put together based on a Customer Satisfaction Index, employee reviews on Glassdoor, as well as USA Today’s annual customer satisfaction survey. The most hated company was Equifax which is due to the mass leakage of customer data which was quite stunning. What’s alarming is that EA has made the list as the fifth most hated company beating the likes of Uber, the Weinstein Company, the Trump Organisation, Monsanto, and Comcast to name a few.

The reasons EA has done so badly in this top twenty list is due in part to the loot box controversy of Star Wars Battlefront 2 but also mentions their habit of buying smaller studios then “running them into the ground”. It also describes them as the industry’s “evil empire”.

It takes some doing to beat companies such as Monsanto and the only other companies that are worse according to the compiled data are the NFL, the Fox Entertainment Group, the University of Phoenix, and Equifax.

The full top twenty can be seen over on USA Today and it’s crammed full of household names.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Elly Davis

      Mind you, they’ve not been popular for years but that’s quite an achievement even for them. Wonder if there’s any shits to be given in their offices today.

    • Freeman4096

      All temporarily forgiven when first next Battlefield teaser shows up.
      Kind regards

    • Joseph Long

      now will this translate into reviewers giving real reviews or do we all still have to wait til after playing the game and calling critics liars before getting real reviews ?????

      sites trick millions to buy crap games, when do we acknowledge that ?

    • ShammyDubz

      When USA Today is onto your “Evil Empire” ways and your habit of buying up studios then running them into the ground instead of having the execs take responsibility for failed games, you’re really sh*tty. They probably can’t even name another video game publisher 😛

      I’m surprised the Weinstein Company is on the list. Like, I get people hate the Weinsteins, but… y’know… the whole company? Of just like, people, who didn’t sexually abuse or molest any actresses, doing their job? Huh. Seems a bit of a stretch to drag everyone within the company down because of the studio’s head honchos, but might as well jump on that particular train while it’s a big deal in Hollywood atm I guess. Gotta nail some studio before the #MeToo hashtag fades away. Zeitgeisty!

    • Fatmiget11

      USA Today is mainstream garbage watching akin to CNN and MSNBC to group the Trump Org with GMO Monsanto, Clinton style rapist Weinstein, and BF II loot box hate by the Antfia progressives and the morbid imagination of SJWs living out some brain fart fantasy that the Pres is literally Hitler is a big lie and is for the TDS basement dwelling game heads that play Wolfenstein II thinking they are actually fighting Trump because late night TV told them so. Very sad. Take a knee for the “resistance” Younger. CSI also has posted stats:

      “Love or hate Trump, government satisfaction just hit an 11-year high”.

      • Ossi Hurme

        Did you just throw up random words? 😀 Or was that Trump’s speech?

        • Fatmiget11

          Are you cock eyed from VR glasses or did you just eat a Tide pod pie 🙂

        • Ossi Hurme

          Even if you removed your reply, you still made me google tide pod pie 😀 Well now I know what those are.