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EA has slowly been bringing its newer titles to Steam, with the recent Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order launching on it alongside Origin. However, it looks like many of its older games have also received a price bump. As many Steam users have started to notice, classic EA titles are more expensive than they’ve ever been, with some games costing as much as double the amount they should.

Reddit user MJuniorDC9 broke down regional pricing for three EA titles on Steam, comparing the old and new prices in a slew of different currencies. Some titles are nearly three times their old price. Crysis 2: Maximum Edition, for example, is at R$119.00 over its old price of R$39.99. That’s in the currency of Brazilian Real, which is important to note, as the price differences aren’t consistent across currencies. Still using Crysis 2 as an example, it’s only slightly more expensive in the UK and other parts of Europe.

Although regional pricing differences are normal, it’s clear EA is actually raising rates on Steam specifically, as most titles have been unaffected on Origin. You can track the pricing history using SteamDB. The below screenshot shows the tick up for Dragon Age: Origins: Ultimate Edition in British Pounds.

Ea Price Increase
None of the pricing is consistent, either. Although certain titles have been raised by the same amount in major regions — Dragon Age is about $10 more expensive for the US, UK, and most of Europe — not every game has been affected the same amount. Smaller regions seem to be affected by a greater amount, with Brazilian players receiving the greatest price increase.

There isn’t any word on why EA is raising its rates on Steam. Given the current Origin prices, though, it’s safe to assume the publisher is offering a subtle nudge towards its own DRM platform. If you want to receive the best price on an EA published title, it’s best to check SteamDB to see if the price has increased first.

Jacob Roach
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