In case you’re not aware, The Consumerist has a yearly competition where readers nominate 32 of the worst companies in America. They then vote and single the list down to one “winner” who is crowned worst company in America. In 2012 EA won the title, they then made history by being the first company to win it the following year. No one company has ever won it twice let alone two years in a row.

After being crowned Worst Company in America an EA spokesperson said it was a wake up call and that the company never wants to win it again. Well, it seems they may not get their wish since EA are once again nominated for the award. The chances of EA winning for a third year in a row are pretty high what with the botched launch of Battlefield 4 that suffered bugs which are still ongoing.

EA’s first challenger will be Time Warner Cable and also Microsoft have been nominated so it’s possible the two could go head to head. The list of nominee’s include McDonald’s, American Airlines, Yahoo! and Facebook. You can see the list below.

2014wciabracketfirstroundSource: IGN

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