Ea Madden Tournament Shooting Victims

A few days ago, we reported on the tragic shooting in Jacksonville that occurred during a Madden NFL 19 Classic tournament. The shooting left three dead — including the gunman who took his own life — and multiple participants that were injured. The two innocent people killed in the tragedy were Taylor “Spotmeplzzz” Robertson (left) and Elijah “Trueboy” Clayton (right). With the gaming world mourning their loss, EA has taken steps to ensure that victims will be taken care of. The company will be donating to the families of the victims. They will also host a charity live stream for the benefit of those who have been affected.

EA — Madden NFL Jacksonville Tribute

EA will be contributing $1 million to the victims, something that would ensure that the families are cared for with the loss of their loved ones. Likewise, they will offer assistance to others that have been affected by the incident including those who have been injured.

Though EA has canceled the on-site qualifiers for the Madden NFL 19 Classic tournament, fans will still be able to watch the game unfold in some capacity. On September 6, EA will also host the Jacksonville Tribute Live Stream. The aim is to bring the gaming community together and also to help raise awareness and to remain vigilant in the wake of the event. Pro gamers and even athletes will be part of the Jacksonville Tribute. One such example is Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ wide receiver, Mike Evans. Evans will be competing in the proceedings against Shay “Young Kiv” Kivlen.

Kivlen was one of the participants in last weekend’s Madden tournament. He mentioned leaving the venue early after a loss and so he did not witness the shooting unfold. He was, however, still scarred by the tragedy since Clayton and Robertson were his friends. Kivlen also had a run-in with the gunman (David Katz) last year during a Madden 17 tournament. Katz lost to Kivlen in that tournament and the latter felt that he could have ended up as a target had he stayed in the venue last Sunday.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the Madden tournament shooting. PC Invasion hopes that EA and the gaming community come together in remembrance.

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