EA Originals brand launching with Fe

EA Originals brand launching with Fe

EA have announced a new brand, EA Originals, which looks to be focused on smaller indie titles.

EA Originals will be “taking first-time experiences that are unique, gorgeous, innovative, and memorable; and bringing them to the world,” according to EA Play. It’s about supporting small developers, offering them funding and security, and EA “want all the profit from these games to go into the hands of the developers.” Which sounds lovely, if it does indeed work. It also sounds a wee bit like the Square Enix Collective.

Anyway! The game revealed alongside the EA Originals initiative is Fe, a wordless game about a young cub in a fantastical (and purple) forest. You have no idea who you are, what you are, or how you got there, and you’ll have to explore to figure all of this out. Every other creature (and plant) in the forest communicates through song, and by learning these songs you can communicate with them and unlock paths to new areas, which will hopefully help you answer some of the mysteries surrounding who you are. No hand-holding, either: you’ll have to work out where to go and what tod o.

The forest is also being invaded by Silent Ones, though, who are corrupting things. Stealth and cunning will be required to evade them.

Visually speaking, it looks a bit lovely, and a third-person Metroidvania speaks to my interests. We’ll doubtless find out more about it soon, although you can get a quick look at it via the trailer below.

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