EA outlines Star Wars Battlefront 2 plans – Revamped progression system coming

EA outlines Star Wars Battlefront 2 plans – Revamped progression system coming

EA has issued an update which partially details some of the updates coming to Star Wars Battlefront 2 in the next couple of months.

Following the lootbox debacle, the first note from EA is that an updated progression system is coming and they state that “player feedback is essential”. They say planned changes will address many of the issues players have been asking for but they have not detailed how they are a addressing those issues. Apparently, they will be talking about these changes at some point in March.

A new game mode is also coming to the game called Jetpack Cargo. In this mode two teams of eight players equipped with jetpacks compete against each other. Again, there’s no real detail on what this will involve but they do say it will only be available for a limited time and will be going live in February.

The next season of content is being worked on and its “coming soon”. The development team has looked at feedback from the first season say they have “learned a lot” and will be “integrating that learning” into the next season.

EA are going to have to work hard at getting the progression changes right, the  Star Wars Battlefront 2 lootbox mess has not done any favours for the game or EA’s reputation since the game launched back in November. That said, their share price has jumped this week so the uproar by the community at the end of last year has had little effect on them financially longterm.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Joseph Long

      Too little, too late …… These changes are pointless as many have already quit playing … Fighting the same battle over and over again on a limited number of maps isn’t a good time, it’s an attempt at insanity. New game mode (all classes have jetpacks) shows the depth of care and thought that went into doing anything at all … they were like how can we do nothing while saying we did something … “I know give everyone jetpacks and call it a new game mode” says one guy “brilliant, we won’t have to program anything new just give an existing ability to existing characters” …… Lets face reality, it’s just sad at this point

      PC Invasion can’t even do honest reviews or articles because if they don’t kiss up to industry they can’t get access to new games, interviews, etc…. less and less reasons to read or visit this site and it is the same elsewhere ….

      but the crash is coming and with it change #theindustryissick

    • Mavrocket

      How about a freaking SERVER BROWSER?!?

    • zero

      I quit playing after less than a week. Played MAYBE 4 days during that week for a couple of hours each time. The crappy Daily Crate PAYOUT. The grindfest to earn enough to upgrade stuff. Really sad.

      I have over 400hrs in Battlefront 1. Easily my most played game for 2yrs. Loved the way it played & felt(more arcade than SIM. Leave Battlefield in BATTLEFIELD. Let Battlefront 2 play like the 1st game & I’ll come back).

    • Hvd

      people still play this?well if they do take them for all they got i dont care…….lol

    • GrimmyReaper

      Like anyone here already said
      Too little, too late.

      I think you killed this franchise for good now EA. You have made yourself such a laughingstock in the game world that I’m honestly surprised you actually think people give a shit anymore.

      Shame on you EA. Shame on you.