EA: PC downloads are awesome

EA Games President Frank Gibeau says PC game downloads are “awesome” and that it’s “conceivable it will become our biggest platform”.
“The user base is gigantic,” Gibeau told Gamasutra. “PC retail may be a big problem, but PC downloads are awesome.
“The margins are much better and we don’t have any rules in terms of first party approvals. From our perspective, it’s an extremely healthy platform. It’s totally conceivable it will become our biggest platform.”
He went on to mention the success of free-to-play games in Asia, “If you look at the way people play in Asia, PC is the model. I think that free to play model is coming to the West in a big way.”
Indeed, the PC sector saw a 20% increase in revenue during 2010 with a huge chunk of that growth coming from the Chinese market.

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