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Amidst a slew of Xbox-related announcements, Microsoft revealed another top perk for Game Pass subscribers. EA Play, formerly known as EA Access, will be included in Game Pass for PC subscribers at no extra cost. That’s two subscriptions at one very affordable price.

Specifically, this means that the existing EA play library will move over to Game Pass. Microsoft recently teased that extra perks were coming Game Pass subscribers, and this is certainly a big news drop. If you’re currently subscribed to both services (like me) shaving one off the monthly bill is great news.

Ea Play Rebrand

This also means that EA Play’s extra perks come over too. If you’re unaware, EA’s service isn’t just a vault of existing games. EA Play subscribers get 10-hour trials of brand new games, exclusive discounts on other EA products like DLC, and more. There are currently over 60 EA games in the EA Play vault, so this works out as a massive one-time addition to the Game Pass library.

Game changer

While grabbing EA’s library is undoubtedly huge for Xbox, there’s other implications that come along with this. With EA Play’s entrance, Game Pass is now a much more comprehensive service. Not only does it provide a massive library of games including those from a huge third party publisher, it also offers game trials and more discounts. There’s also potential for EA’s game trial idea to spread across to other Game Pass offerings, and we’re all for it. Of course Xbox first party games would be exempt, because they release day and date into the Game Pass library.

A date for the merge has yet to be fully revealed, but expect it soon. Microsoft is lining this up with its next-gen Xbox plans, which come to a head when the Series S and Series X launch on November 10.

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