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EA does not seem to have that many games lined up for FY 2014. This covers the timeframe between April 2014 to March 2015 next year. It’s mostly EA’s annual sports games.

You can see the lineup below:


For context, these are the release dates we already know about:

  • FIFA World Cup 14 April 15
  • EA Sports UFC June 17
  • Madden NFL 15 August 26
  • Dragon Age Inquisition October 7

Some people speculate ‘TBA’ is the Star Wars game, but I would be more worried than excited if that were the case considering the deal between EA and Disney hasn’t been that long.

And really, that’s it. Maybe we should take  this as a good sign overall, since it probably means they’re taking more time on making their games.

Two extra notes:

  1. the golf title remains unnamed since they’re dropping Tiger Woods
  2. like they confirmed a few months ago, they’ve revealed there won’t be a new collegiate football game, this time because they lost the NCAA license in light of the lawsuit

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