Electronic Arts has attempted to set the record straight over their position on the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Previous reports had suggested that EA were in full support of the movement, however the publisher’s corporate communication head Jeff Brown has explained that that is not the case.
“EA has not expressed a position on SOPA,” Brown has said. “We never supported so, naturally, never withdrew. We tried to correct the record but there is still plenty of confusion.
“The game industry’s representatives in Washington, Entertainment Software Association, has expressed support for SOPA … OK true, EA is a member of ESA, and ESA supports SOPA, but we don’t think that implies our support. Among ESA members, some support, some oppose, some take no position.”
SOPA is currently experiencing difficulty getting itself through the US Congress, with Republican congressman Darrell Isla saying that “much more education for members of Congress about the workings of the internet is essential if anti-piracy legislation is to be workable and achieve broad appeal.”
Source: Reddit

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