EA Sports has revealed that the new FIFA Ultimate Team pricing is intended to discourage cheaters and coin hoarders.

This follows the removal of trade offers and the temporary outage for the Market itself. Now, prices are determined based on the minimum and maximum values given to players. So far, the strategy has been working.

Here’s EA Sports’ statement:

What are we trying to achieve with these changes? It’s simple—we want to keep the game fair and secure for everyone, and ensure a level playing field for all FUT fans. To accomplish this we have to root out the activities of coin farmers and cheaters who are harming your experience with the game. These exploiters generate coins illegitimately in the FUT economy through the use of bots and phishing scams, creating a flood of fraudulent in-game currency and driving up the cost of players on the Transfer Market. This inflation fundamentally damages the economy, making top players unattainable for the vast majority of FUT fans who are not exploiting the system and who simply want to play the right way.

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