EA stocks are up, as CRT Capital Group LLC gave them their recommendation, based on the anticipation for Titanfall.

They believe that Titanfall, an exclusive on Microsoft’s platforms, will perform exceedingly well based on the pre-release buzz. Outside of this game, CRT also thinks their FIFA titles will do well thanks to the coming World Cup.

This is highly counterintuitive news, if you look at EA’s struggles with their college franchises and Battlefield 4. EA lost various sports-game related lawsuits, one to Madden creator Robin Antonick, one forcing them to issue settlement checks to buyers of 7th gen football games, one to various college athletes, and one from NCAA, their former partner.

Battlefield 4, on the other hand, is an entirely different can of worms. Rave reviews and high sales gave way to revelations the game was released broken. As DICE scrambled to fix ongoing issues, three lawsuits are being filed by EA’s existing stockholders, over allegations that EA execs attempted fraud over misleading statements on the game’s development.

EA continues to acquire and retain great game studios, but there’s a lot of reason not to trust the company at this point in time. We’ll see how their fortunes turn in the coming months.

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