Always going to upset those that view the original through rose-tinted glasses, says EA.
Syndicate, more than most re-makes/re-imaginings, is polarising the community. Some want a top-down strategy game a la the original, others want the modern treatment and others probably don’t care either way.
However, EA recognise the fact that it’s not going to be possible to please everyone. IncGamers caught up with EA Partners’ Ben O’Donnell to chat Syndicate and how the fanbase will/has react/reacted to the FPS format.
“There’s always a risk of upsetting people that remember the original through rose-tinted glasses,” said O’Donnell. “But if we were to simply re-skin the original game in high-def then you’d probably get an equal amount of backlash.
“The original Syndicate was of its time, I don’t even think the RTS genre had even been defined at that point – it was such a long time ago. We’re trying to key into the fact that Syndicate has such a great legacy and we’re trying to take inspiration from that and bring it into the modern age.”
Look out for our full interview with Ben O’Donnell later this week (some of the juiciest info is locked under an embargo for now).
[Update: Facebook poll suggests Syndicate HD remake]

Paul Younger
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