Ea Gatecrashes Take Two's Codemasters Acquisition with Higher Bid (1)

Early in November this year, reports began emerging of a potential takeover of UK-based Codemasters. The folks behind some really good driving games were in talks with Take-Two Interactive, and as far as we knew, the deal was done. A $994 million price was agreed upon by both parties, and everything was in place. However, it appears that those celebrations would be premature. In an industry full of twists and turns when it comes to narrative, it should come as no surprise that something else has come up during this period. According to new reports, it seems that EA is plotting its own Codemasters acquisition master plan.

That is right, the company behind the juggernaut of sports games is making their move. Sky News reports that EA’s bid is higher than Take-Two’s original bid, which could scupper the supposedly agreed deal.

The preferred outcome is definitely not a bidding war. While Take-Two is not exactly without money in the bank, there can be better uses for it. As of yet, we are not sure if Take-Two will be making a counteroffer, or if EA will be stealing a march with the Codemasters acquisition. After all, EA’s total market capitalization is almost twice that of Take-Two. Even the giants have some differences.

Junk in the trunk

The Codemasters acquisition will bring about a significant stable of well-received games. The popular F1Grid, and Dirt racing games are just some of its greatest hits. There are also plenty of other IPs that would be part of the deal.

Ea Gatecrashes Take Two's Codemasters Acquisition with Higher Bid (2)

Codemasters has also published the Overlord series of games, alongside the Operation Flashpoint military sims. That has since led to the even more popular ARMA series.

Nevertheless, the Codemasters acquisition is far from over. Whether it be EA or Take-Two coming out on top, 2020 is ending with a bang.

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