If you’ve read today’s hands-on preview of Fifa 13, then you’ll already know that we were largely impressed with the game’s new stand-out feature – First Touch Control. If nothing else, it’s heartening to see that the publisher is not yet resting on the laurels of its best-selling series.
However, Fifa 13 gameplay producer Aaron McHardy has gone one step further than that, claiming that “there’s no end to what we can do” with the series.
When asked how one keeps pushing boundaries McHardy told us:
“There’s no end to what we can do. We’re gonna build all these things this year into the best game we can, then as soon as we ship it we’re gonna stop, we’re gonna break it down, and we’re gonna analyse what we can do better. We’re not going to stop innovating. We’re not going to stop pushing the boundaries of football videogames.”
In a leap of comparison, McHardy goes on to draw parallels with real-life players:
“Messi doesn’t stop pushing the boundaries of what he can do. Just two years ago Christiano Ronaldo figured out how to take a free kick in a completely different way than anyone had done before, with his turbulent shot, and now you see Drogba doing it too, and other players are struggling to do it… They’re continuing to innovate how they play the game, and we’ll continue to innovate how we make the game, and together we’ll keep advancing football to a happy place.”
If Fifa 13 can push the boundaries as far as Messi, Ronaldo, Drogba and co, then we’re in for something very special.

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