Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Specs

EA is yet again talking about a mysterious unannounced remaster, which could relate to Mass Effect. As part of its fiscal year earnings report, the publisher went over revenue streams, previously released game sales, and of course, what’s to come. The company says that over the coming months, two games will be announced and released by the end of the fiscal year. Fiscal year 2021 ends March 31, so expect these reveals soon.

What exactly will be revealed hasn’t been said, aside from the company launching two games. EA has specified that one is a remaster and one is an EA Originals title. The obvious remaster would be some form of Mass Effect re-release, as the rumor of a collection has been going around for months. It was even rated by a Korean ratings site last month, with other insider reports coming to pass even earlier than that.

What a Mass Effect remaster from EA would contain is also up in the air. Again, rumors point to a collection of the first three games, which would make sense. The core trilogy wrapped up in 2012, a time when games were still being made with last-generation tech in mind. A glow up for these three titles would be more than welcome, where Andromeda already launched on current-gen hardware.


There’s also the chance that this might not relate to Mass Effect at all. Nothing in the report specifically points towards the series or BioWare in general. There ain’t usually smoke without fire though, and it would be surprising to see nothing come out of the masses of rumors we’ve seen on BioWare’s series.

Mass Effect 5 bioware

When it comes to the EA Originals title, nothing else was detailed there either. EA Originals are smaller indie projects picked up by the publisher, leading to releases like Unravel and A Way Out. It’s good to see EA continue with the program, as its own studios tend to focus on larger AAA projects. The big news here is the remaster plans though, and let’s hope a Mass Effect collection materializes in the near future.

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