EA will detail their Star Wars game plans at E3 press conference

EA Logo

The XboxOne reveal didn’t show much in the way of games, that is all apparently going to happen in a few weeks time at E3.

However, EA president Frank Gibeau hit his blog this evening to share his excitement at the new hardware and he also outlined some of the plans for E3.

The EA press conference will show more of their upcoming games and Gibeau was keen to let everyone know that E3 is where they will reveal their plans for the Star Wars titles and DICE following the recent partnership with Disney.

Titles EA will be focusing on at E3 will include Battlefield 4, Need For Speed,  and their new EA Sports titles, and with any luck there may also be the odd reveal. We just hope that with all the current buzz around the next-gen consoles EA don’t forget about the trusty PC audience.

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