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EA won’t give us Skate, so check out Session when it comes to Early Access

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Fans have long-awaited a new addition to the Skate franchise. You need only to look to Electronic Arts’ social media channels to see diehard fans flooding whatever irrelevant post that was published with “#Skate4, #Skate4, #Skate4” text in the comments section. And since EA has yet to pass on the torch and allow a new studio to develop the next skateboarding game, creā-ture Studios has taken it upon themselves to do so. Their game, Session, will start its Early Access journey on Sept 17. So, uh, you can take that EA and shuv-it?

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The golden era of the kick, push

Many would argue that skateboarding is still very much alive and kicking, myself included. With people pulling off 1260‘s at the X-Games, not to mention the return of a one Chad Muska to the scene, there is a little something for fans new and old. So, what better time to return to the age of skateboarding that the Skate and Tony Hawk franchises built momentum from? Session calls upon that nostalgia, drawing from the “golden era of skateboarding (the early ’90s through the early 2000s).”

Skating the street beat

Many of the previously mentioned skate games focus on the street-style of skateboarding. Meaning, the locations in the games are mimicked and inspired by real-life locations that feature stairs, curbs, and rails. From the information released today by creā-ture Studios, it looks like that will remain a focus for Session.

Session Game

Some of the environments include a “1:1 scale of New York focused on Lower Manhattan, featuring the legendary Brooklyn Banks and surrounding Financial District.” Want to fuse together your best lines and clips? There’s also a feature to make your own video-style edits and cuts, even allowing for a VHS layover to provide authenticity to your creation. And, if you don’t know what a VHS tape is, well, ask the Google machine.

Session will arrive on Steam’s Early Access platform on Sept 17. Creā-ture Studios has also indicated that a release into the Xbox One Preview program will follow weeks later.

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