Eager Starfield fans discuss character background plans

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Starfield has been in development for ages, but its long journey to retail has nearly reached concluded. With new information available following an exciting Gamescom appearance, prospective players know more than ever about the decisions they will make in the game’s opening moments. Those eager fans can are having more meaningful conversations on impactful topics such as the background they plan to select when creating their character.

In a recent Reddit thread, Anxious-Ad1310 asked other members of the subreddit which background they plan to pick when they create their first Starfield character. “I’m going explorer,” they noted, “but idk yet.”

The question prompted some thoughtful responses from quite a few Redditors. We’ve already posted a Starfield backgrounds tier list of our own, so you know where we currently stand. However, the background players choose will come down to the flavor of experience they most want right out of the gate.

“I think I’m going with Professor,” said StudioTwilldee. “The Science skills involve a lot of crafting and outposts which are the most important systems to me. Plus, I’m hoping for some funny dialogue options.”

Some players plan to make their mark in a different way. “Cyberrunner,” answered DahakUK. “Neon City trait to go with it. Going to hack, steal, and generally sneak my way ‘cross the settled systems.”

A user named TaintedSquirrel joined the conversation with some additional perspective. They explained that, “The background you pick will effect your dialog checks for the entire game,” and suggested choosing based on plans for role-play. That notion appears to have resonated with others.

Some players can’t seem to settle on just one option. “Torn between bounty hunter, cyber runner, industrialist, and space scoundrel,” shared SirFadakar. That confession immediately prompted a response from zen_mutiny and others, who had put together mental lists featuring the same top four.

With so many background options available and so much to see, many players will likely wind up making multiple runs. Each one could be very different from the one before it. Starfield is clearly big on player choice, as players who paid for the Premium Edition will discover later this week. Have you decided which background you’ll start with first?

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