East India Company Release Date Announced

Paradox Interactive has announced the release date for their upcoming title, East India Company, as the 28 July.

Together with the announcement at E3, a presentation was given to show some features of the naval war strategy game. Based on the East India trading companies, players must build up a trading company as well as fighting fierce naval battles.

Here are the facts that were released:

Extensively moddable: from damage values, to trade item prices, to ship textures.

Multiplayer support for up to 12 players.

Multiple ways to win the game: accomplishing all campaign missions, forcing all other companies out of business or conquering the whole of the East Indies.

Multiple approaches possible: focus on trading, warfare and conquest or use diplomacy to reach your goals. East India Company can also be played as a pure trading game.

Dynamic economy where supply and demand affect prices of trading items.

Create your own armada with a maximum of 100 ships.

Different multiplayer battle modes including ‘Last Man Floating’ and ‘Domination’.

Unlock new ship types as they become available, from smallest sloop to 90 gun ship-of-the-line.Find out more on the game at the official website.

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