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Blizzard has been working hard on their hero-shooter, Overwatch, since 2015. New maps and heroes have been constantly added to the first-person, team-based shooter over the years. And this April 14, we will see the last of the new hero additions before Overwatch 2. Echo, previously revealed as a damage-dealer, will join the roster in just a few days’ time.

A basket of goodies

Although Echo has been available in Overwatch‘s test servers, April 14 represents her public release. Together with the arrival of this last hero, we will likely see the many tweaks outlined in 1.47 for the Public Test Realm. This includes the new Training Partner for the Practice Range, an update to Tracer’s blink movement, and a host of other bug fixes in general. D’Va’s aim pitch when leaving her mech will also no longer reset, as Blizzard continues bug fixing.

Echo's Arrival Imminent As Overwatch Begins April Countdown For Last Hero (1)

Of course, the main star is Echo. Her abilities are set to shake up the meta of Overwatch. The ability to Glide, her use of the Tri-Shot and Sticky Bombs, and her damaging Focusing Beam designed to pick off stragglers will be key components of any team. Echo’s ultimate ability, Duplicate, is even more bonkers, allowing her to steal the abilities of an opposing hero. Better yet, her recharge rate for the stolen ultimate will be accelerated. Nothing feels as good as paying back in kind when it comes to a tight match of Overwatch.

Design foresight

For players worried about the balance of the game due to a slant towards DPS characters, have no fear. Game director Jeff Kaplan has shared that work continues on Overwatch 2, and future additions will take into account the roster balance. According to Kaplan, “there is a big list of support and tanks in development for Overwatch 2.”

If you want to learn more about Overwatch‘s newest and last hero, you can check out Echo’s Hero page.

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