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    It’s time for another beta key giveaway here on IncGamers and we’re giving you the chance to take part in the beta for Ecol Tactics Online.

    Ecol Tactics Online is coming from publisher GamesCampus and it’s their first browser MMO browser strategy titlw which which enters closed beta on 7 March.

    “We are excited to get to the stage where our growing community can finally play the game—they have been waiting to find out when they could finally jump in and test it out,” said Elliott Coward, Project Lead for Ecol Tactics Online.  “Ecol Tactics takes the browser-based MMO to a whole new level with a breadth and depth players aren’t use to seeing in easy to jump into browser games. We’re confident our players will be very happy with the experience when they login March 7th.”

    The story begins with you, the hero, robbed by thieves and saved by a band of mercenaries. Aspiring to be like the heroes that rescued you, they invite you to join them on their quest for wealth and great fortune, but only after you are trained in battle. After completing many quests you decided that you are ready to venture out with your own band of mercenaries. Unbeknown to you, dark days are ahead as an invading army of monsters are ready to wreck havoc on the kingdom and its queen.

    To get you hands on a key, simply click the “get key” button below and register an account at http://EcolTactics.GamesCampus.com.

    [ibg]Ecol Tactics Online[/ibg]


    • Classic tactical role playing game play
      • Control your squad of mercenaries in a beautiful diverse isometric world.
      • Original pixel art gives an “old school” feel to game play.
    • Control characters unbound by class selection
      • Create your character and play as any class at any time.
      • Particular quest proving difficult? Switch to a different class at no penalty.
    • 4 Mercenary classes to recruit and control
      • Special Elite Mercenaries with increased skills, stats, and customization
      • Customize Mercenaries skills, passives and looks.
    • Craft your character
      • Skill Crafting
      • Equipment crafting, upgrading
      • Costume and customization options
    • Epic Storyline transcending 4 different continents
      • Hundreds of side quests with unique events
      • Map Mastery and endless dungeons modes for grinding goodness.
    • Smooth and Responsive, Full Score, detailed spell effects and character animation, all in a browser!
      • No staring at spreadsheets and countdown timers pretending to be fun
    • Play and strategize together in massive dungeons with endless monster hoards.
    • Full MMO features including:
      • Auction House
      • In game mail
      • Looking for Group
      • PvP Battlegrounds and rankings
      • Guilds
      • Real time chat and whispers
    Paul Younger
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