Edge Of Eternity

Two games we pegged to release late in November have had minor delays. Edge of Eternity, a JRPG in the vein of Final Fantasy and Star Ocean, will be launching via Steam’s Early Access on December 5. Meanwhile, Iris.Fall, a trippy puzzle game emphasizing light and shadow, will launch on December 7. Check out the gameplay trailer for both these titles below:

Delayed To December

In the case of Edge of Eternity, developer Midgar Studios and publisher Playdius noted that this was in order to do a bit of extra polish before the game goes into Early Access. That’s understandable. After all, no matter how long a game takes to develop in Early Access, those first impressions are highly important. Edge of Eternity was also backed via Kickstarter in 2015 which means it will have to impress its supporters early on.

As for Iris.Fall, the game was previously announced tentatively for November without a specific date. It would follow your adventures as the titular Iris, a young girl who’s lead through the realms of light and shadow by a mysterious cat. Players will be able to switch between light and dark in order to solve puzzles. Developer NEXT Studio, likewise, wants to add a bit of polish before an official launch on December 7.


Iris.Fall in-game image

In any case, fans should at least feel that their worries are alleviated. A lot of games tend to release while still lacking polish and some even have major bugs still. For the developers of Edge of Eternity and Iris.Fall to have short delays just to fine-tune their product is, indeed, a good thing. Let’s hope that they’ve ironed out most of the kinks prior to release.

You can check out Edge of Eternity’s Steam page here. Meanwhile, Iris.Fall’s Steam store page is right here. Don’t forget, if you’re looking to check out some upcoming games, you can always take a look at our updated PC games release date list.

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