EEDAR’s head of survey research, Heather Nofziger, shared some interesting insights on gamer demographics, dispelling common notions on how gender ties into it.

The biggest misconception held in the popular imagination is the notion that the demographics shifted more towards women when mobile games started being incorporated into these gamer demographic studies. Heather points out that there is overlap (86 %) between gamers who play on mobile and traditional platforms, and many of the gamers who jumped into mobile played console or PC gamers before this.

In many places, women are nearly equal to men in gaming demographics, including gamers who play on consoles. A gamer’s choice of platform (PlayStation, PC, etc) is a more significant factor in differentiating between gamers than gender is. For example, these tables show more light gamers, male and female alike, leaning towards mobile games, and more hardcore gamers, again male and female alike, leaning towards consoles.

EEDAR gender mobile

EEDAR gender console

EEDAR gender handheld

Also noteworthy is how there is representation of all gamers in different platforms (hardcore gamers play on mobile and casual gamers play on consoles), and how the demographics are more evened out across all gamer types on handhelds.

You can read the finer details of EEDAR’s report here.

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