EEDAR President Geoffrey Zadkin has shared his latest insights on the gaming market today. His main takeaway is that the market on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One is trending towards older gamers, and game companies are taking advantage of all that disposable income. This is a sea change from just the previous console generation.

The skew towards older games means game companies can push for more substantial and expensive DLC, as well as the purchase of more in-game currency.

If there is a bad side to this, it’s that the bigger DLC is going to necessitate better storage solutions, as even the default storage PS4 and Xbox One units provide will eventually prove too little. EEDAR points out 20 % of US still does not have internet access, and really, even those who do are not equipped to take full advantage of cloud gaming. While EEDAR is upbeat on cloud gaming down the line, they believe the console companies will need to come up with something else as a solution in the interim.

Don’t expect EEDAR to take sides or condemn an industry practice. Their job is to give insights on what gamers are into, and they do this for the entire industry. With that in mind, it’s interesting to see them discuss what is and isn’t working in the market right now.

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