Eidos Montreal Issues Warning Over Deus Ex 3 Release Date

Eidos Montreal, developer of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, has moved quickly to squash new rumours of a ‘confirmed’ release date for the game, reiterating that the game is due “next fiscal year.”
Here at IncGamers we were disappointed by the delay to the game, announced in mid-December by publisher Square Enix. At the time we speculated that Square had decided to move the release date in order to manufacture a stronger looking financial balance sheet for 2011, after the relative failure of Final Fantasy XIV in 2010.
Whether or not this is the case, Eidos Montreal has reiterated that the only release date for Deus Ex: Human Revolution at present is the next financial year (which could mean any time between April 2011 and March 2012.)
“Don’t believe the reports of new “confirmed” and month-specific release dates for DX:HR,” the developer stated in a twitter post today. “All we’ve said is “next fiscal year.””

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