Eidos Montreal Watching Thief 4 Thread With Interest

At least one employee of Eidos Montreal has been watching an online Thief 4 thread “with interest.”This lends yet more credence to the rumours that a fourth Thief game will be revealed on Monday.The thread itself is on the Through the Looking Glass forums and contains a great deal of information about the Thief series and, more specifically, the direction fans would like a potential fourth game to take.A developer watching a thread about a game isn’t big news on its own, but when that developer has been widely rumoured to be working on a fourth title in a much beloved series and appears to be paying attention to the fans, it’s definitely something to take notice of.A source who wishes to remain anonymous confirmed to IncGamers that “at least one person from Eidos-Montreal is watching ‘with interest.'”We wish to add that with no official line until Monday, with a PR spokesman for Eidos refusing to comment on the rumours of a Thief sequel, this may be completely unrelated to the forthcoming project. We consider it a good sign, nonetheless. After all, this would be a very big coincidence if it’s all unrelated.