June 22nd, 2017

El Presidente passes on some Tropico 5 screenshots

Tropico 5 - 10

Kalypso are back from Gamescom, and in celebration of this fact El Presidente has given them some Tropico 5 screenshots to pass out.

Tropico 5 adds a host of new features, like dynasties and progression from colonial times through to the near future, and these screens show that it’ll be looking rather tasty too. No UI on display – which is rather important, as the interface seriously put me off Tropico 3 but made me love Tropico 4 – but there is a look at a few of the different ages you’ll lead the nation through in the game.

Tropico 5 is due out in 2014.

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    • Peter Parrish

      There is the potential for greatness, here.