El Shaddai, the cult classic from a Devil May Cry dev, is coming to PC

El Shaddai PC

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron doesn’t just have a unique (and kick-ass) name, it’s finally coming to PC. Originally released on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 all the way back in 2011, the game has a cult following and received praise for its abstract art style and extremely weird dialogue. The game hasn’t been ported to any other systems in the years since its release.

El Shaddai places players in the shoes of Enoch, a holy warrior tasked with preventing a devastating flood of the earth. For those that went to Sunday school, the story may sound eerily familiar — it’s based on the Book of Enoch, an ancient Hebrew text that tells the story of (surprise!) Enoch. In the story, Enoch, the great-grandfather of ark-builder Noah, encounters demons, fallen angels, and giants. In the game, however, Enoch is still trying to prevent a flood, just through stylish combat against massive enemies.


Devilish influence

At this point, it may be no surprise that another part of El Shaddai‘s appeal comes from its creator. Like most cult classics, there’s a recognizable name attached to this project: Sawaki Takeyasu. Takeyasu had previously been a character artist for the Devil May Cry franchise and Okami before working on El Shaddai. In the time since, Takeyasu has worked on Gravity Rush 2 and The Lost Child. He’s now taking the reins up again and leading the production of El Shaddai‘s PC port.

When the game is available on PC, it will also have some added bonuses. According to a tweet from Takeyasu’s account, the hardware available in modern PCs is giving him more to work with. That extra power is going towards a launcher for the game that will also give players an option for switching between the game’s original Japanese audio and subtitles and new English replacements. Naturally, there isn’t a release date yet for El Shaddai, but it’s sure to show up on PC before any great floods or other (more) apocalyptic events. For consistent updates on the game, be sure to follow Takeyasu on Twitter here.

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