Elden Ring is getting a 15-minute gameplay preview tomorrow

Elden Ring gameplay preview

Here’s some exciting news for a typically bland Wednesday: Elden Ring will get a 15-minute gameplay preview on November 4, courtesy of publisher Bandai Namco. It should present us a better look at the game’s overworld, combat, and more. I’m expecting to see hints of bosses, as well as the various biomes of the open-world game. But, to be fair, I’d be good with just about anything right now.

Unfortunately, the publisher is staying mum on what the Elden Ring gameplay preview will entail. What we do know is that it will go live tomorrow at 10 AM ET. You’ll be able to watch it via Bandai Namco’s YouTube or Twitch channel. There’s already a waiting room for the former, with thousands of fellow Tarnished sharing emojis and their opinions on various fetishes. On second thought, maybe you should just hide the chat. The preview will be presented in English with an option for subtitles (even in Japanese).


The gameplay preview is most likely the one that some insiders were able to see back in August. Polygon described it as “Dark Souls meets Breath of the Wild.” Judging by the impressions, that’s probably not far off. The August preview offered hints at what we can expect for tomorrow. Castles, open-ended gameplay, and stealth sequences made up the preview, along with a look at traveling caravans you can attack for loot.

Elden Ring Gameplay preview

Elden Ring launch is still so far off, but playable soon

The gameplay preview should drum up more hype for Elden Ring, which is not far off now. It’s further away than it was before, however, as the game did indeed get delayed for a month. The preview should also offer a good taste of what’s to come in the closed beta, which kicks off on November 12. We may hear more about the beta in the preview tomorrow.

The preview will go live in the embedded video below. See you there.

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