Elden Ring: Caria Manor and Royal Knight Loretta guide

Elden Ring Caria Manor Royal Knight Loretta Guide

Caria Manor is a location in Elden Ring‘s Liurnia of the Lakes region. You’re not required to visit it as part of the campaign, but there are some neat rewards. It will also lead you to a fairly lengthy quest chain that culminates in the discovery of secret areas. Here’s our Elden Ring guide to help you with Caria Manor and Royal Knight Loretta.

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Elden Ring guide – Caria Manor and Royal Knight Loretta

To reach Caria Manor in Elden Ring, make sure you’re at the southwestern portion of Liurnia of the Lakes. Follow the shoreline until you see a sloping path uphill. The closest landmark is the converted tower and, past that, is one of the region’s Minor Erdtrees.

Eldr Lotlk Crm Rklor 1

Continue north while following the main road. Soon, you’ll come across Kingsrealm Ruins. There are several mobs here and the way is barricaded by a wall. But, you can hit it to reveal the pathway beyond (or you could just double jump with Torrent).

A short distance away, you’ll meet Smithing Master Iji. He actually scared me at the start since I thought he’s a Guardian Golem. But, thankfully, he’s a friendly NPC. He also sells Somber Smithing Stones for your weapon upgrades.

Eldr Lotlk Crm Rklor 2

Iji warns you that the way to Caria Manor is dangerous. Soon enough, you’ll find out why. As you gallop across the grasslands, numerous Glintstone projectiles will rain down on you.

Try to speedily make your way to the gate so you can survive. You can also zigzag so you don’t end up like Rickon.

Eldr Lotlk Crm Rklor 3

Upon entering, you’ll be battling several Spider Hands (both large and small variants). They can quickly overwhelm you, so watch out.

Your goal is to keep heading north until you see a building’s opening.

Elden Ring Caria Manor Royal Knight Loretta Guide 1

On the second floor of that building is a Site of Grace. Rest if you need to and head outside. You’ll be at the parapets and several Glintstone Specters will continue to spawn.

You’ll find a Rune Arc at the fork to the left. If you keep going straight, you’ll see the lift that takes you upward.

Elden Ring Caria Manor Royal Knight Loretta Guide 2

After tagging the Site of Grace, you’ll see a Golden Seed in the yard. Follow the steps to the next building where you’ll be greeted by several Glintstone Sorcerers and a Carian Troll. It’s a Troll that can cast magic. Now I’ve seen everything.

Our main objective is further up the steps to the open area. However, if you look to your left just before reaching the top, you’ll see a passage to the side.

Elden Ring Caria Manor Royal Knight Loretta Guide 3

This is an optional section of Caria Manor in Elden Ring.

You’ll basically fight a lot of Living Jars, all while jumping down the ledges.

Elden Ring Caria Manor Royal Knight Loretta Guide 4a

Your reward, at the very end, is the Ash of War: Carian Grandeur. This also takes you back to the initial area near the entrance. But, if you stay up top without aggroing the Spider Hands, you can just fast travel to the yard just before the Carian Troll.

Anyway, if you’re back in the previous area, you should advance further to the courtyard with the pool surrounded by chairs. Head to the center and Royal Knight Loretta will spawn.

Elden Ring Caria Manor Royal Knight Loretta Guide 4b

This is a fairly straightforward encounter. She’ll gallop and swing her polearm for melee damage, but she’ll also cast Glintstone Blades that will fly toward you. If you already have Spirit Ash summons, use something that can distract her. Keep at it and she’ll go down eventually.

With Royal Knight Loretta’s defeat in Elden Ring, you’ll receive Ash of War: Loretta’s Slash and the Loretta’s Greatbow Sorcery spell. It also causes the barrier to disappear, allowing you to enter the Three Sisters location. This is where you’ll meet Ranni the Witch. You can head over to the next part of our guide series to see what’s in store.

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