Elden Ring: Where to find Deathroot for Gurranq and D

Elden Ring Deathroot Gurranq D

D and Gurranq are two NPCs that you’ll meet during your travels in Elden Ring. The former will introduce you to the other, provided that you meet a certain requirement. Eventually, you’ll gather some key items that will net you rewards. Here’s our Elden Ring guide to help you acquire Deathroot for Gurranq and D.

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Elden Ring guide – Where to find Deathroot for Gurranq and D

The first time you meet D is while you’re heading east from Saintsbridge in Limgrave. He warns you of an entity who gains power from death, referring to the Tibia Mariner boss found in Summonwater Village. You’re free to eliminate the undead necromancer there, though I didn’t need to do that during my campaign. Instead, D reappeared later in the main hall of Roundtable Hold, with a couple of Incantation spells for sale.

Now, let’s say that you’ve been following our Limgrave dungeons and secrets guide. Then, it’s possible that you’ve picked up a Deathroot key item from the boss in Deathtouched Catacombs. You can bring this (or any other Deathroot you’ve acquired) to D. He’ll then offer to introduce you to his pal, Gurranq, the Beast Clergyman of Caelid.

Eldr Cae Grq Dtrt 1

Accept the offer and a red spot will appear marked on your map. It’s right next to the Third Church of Marika in Mistwood, the same place where you got the Flask of Wondrous Physick.

Look for a small portal near the grassy area, and you’ll get teleported instantly to the Bestial Sanctum in northeastern Caelid. This is a nice shortcut, as the region has many dangerous enemies that will probably kill you if you’re exploring normally.

Eldr Cae Grq Dtrt 2

Talk to Gurranq and he’ll start acting like former WWE wrestler Ryback since he wants you to feed him more. He’s asking for any Deathroot that you can provide.

Note: The first time you give a Deathroot to Gurranq in Elden Ring, he’ll hand over the Beast Eye (key item). Whenever you’re near a Deathroot location, it will say that the Beast Eye is quivering.

Elden Ring Deathroot Gurranq D 1a

Deathroot in Elden Ring can be found in fairly specific locations (as far as I know):

  • Deathtouched Catacombs – Remember, the enemy that we fought in this dungeon in Limgrave was a Black Knife Assassin.
  • Black Knife Catacombs – Coincidentally, the first boss in this dungeon in Liurnia is a Black Knife Assassin. However, the second boss, a Cemetery Shade, will spawn a chest that has the item.
  • Tibia Mariner – The Tibia Mariner in Summonwater Village (Limgrave) and Wyndham Ruins (Altus Plateau) both drop Deathroots.

Elden Ring Deathroot Gurranq D 1b

Additional rewards from Gurranq include:

  • Clawmark Seal (weapon)
  • Bestial Vitality (an HP regeneration Incantation spell).
  • Beast’s Roar (Ash of War)

Elden Ring Deathroot Gurranq D 2

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