Elden Ring Fort Laiedd West Mount Gelmir
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Elden Ring: How to reach Fort Laiedd west of Mount Gelmir

A roundabout trek.

If you’ve ventured near Mount Gelmir in Elden Ring, you’ve likely spotted Fort Laiedd situated below the cliffs. Since we can’t access this via the Legacy Dungeon (believe me, I’ve tried), we have to take another route. Here’s how to get to Fort Laiedd in Elden Ring.

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How to reach Fort Laiedd and the western section of Mount Gelmir in Elden Ring

The western section of Mount Gelmir in Elden Ring is located below the towering cliffs where Volcano Manor is. To get there, you can try heading to Altus Plateau. To be clear, while other paths can be taken, I originally arrived at Altus Plateau via the Ruin-Strewn Precipice.

Elden Ring Fort Laiedd path start
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Upon exiting that dungeon, you’ll be at a field with the Abandoned Coffin Site of Grace. Follow the sloping path using the giant Erdtree in Leyndell as a point of reference. Ancient Dragon Lansseax will swoop in at this point, but you can sprint past it if you’re not in the mood to fight.

Past that dragon, you’ll see the next section with the Erdtree Grazing Hill Site of Grace. From there, climb the rocky crag with a pointing statue until you aggro the Tibia Mariner. It’s another optional boss, so you’re free to ignore it.

Elden Ring Fort Laiedd Path
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The important thing is to get to the western edge of Wyndham Ruins. Here, you’ll see a ravine and a river that flows north.

Elden Ring Fort Laiedd West Mount Gelmir 1
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The ravine will wind north, west, then south. Here are some interesting tidbits along the way:

  • Burning Geysers – Steam will erupt from the ground here, so make sure to avoid the geysers and vents while mounted on Torrent.
  • Ash of War: Barrage – Whack the Dung Beetle close to the starting point of the river in the ravine.
  • Site of Grace: Seethewater River – Continue along the ravine until you see it.
  • Dungeon: Seethewater Cave – This is an Imp Statue dungeon straight ahead as you’re following the path.
  • Site of Grace: Seethewater Terminus and Fort Laiedd – The end of the path has another Site of Grace in front of that is Fort Laiedd.
Elden Ring Fort Laiedd West Mount Gelmir 2
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Past Fort Laiedd in Elden Ring, you’ll find even more goodies:

  • Boss: Magma Wyrm – The Magma Wyrm will emerge from the lava flows near Fort Laiedd. You don’t need to fight it, as it’s also an optional boss.
  • Landmark: Hermit’s Shack – There’s a damaged statue here. If you advance further, a Runebear will jump down and chase you. Let it hit the statue so you can pick up several Smithing Stones.
  • Sorcery: Roiling Magma – You can pick this up from inside one of the huts.
  • Iron Fist Alexander – If you spoke to Alexander after the Radahn fight, you’ll find him chilling in the lava pool behind the Magma Wyrm. You’ll need to speak with him to progress his questline, which eventually awards the Shard of Alexander, one of the best Talismans in Elden Ring.
Eldr Mtvolc Ldd 1
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Keep going east while following the loop to discover the following:

  • Site of Grace: Craftsman’s Shack and Pulley Crossbow – You can pick up this weapon next to the bonfire.
  • Prattling Pete “You’re beautiful” and Hierodas Glintstone Crown – Grab these as you make your way through the Hermit Village.
  • Boss: Demi-Human Queen Maggie – The Demi-Human boss is surrounded by three Glintstone Sorcerers.
  • Site of Grace: Primeval Sorcerer Azul and Sorcery: Comet Azur – If you run past the boss, you’ll see another bonfire. Beside it is a mummified wizard that has the spell. These might be very important to our old friend Sorceress Sellen in Limgrave. It allows you to help her with a personal quest involving Azur and Lusat.

In any case, these are the important stuff that I’ve found while exploring Fort Laiedd and the western part of Mount Gelmir in Elden Ring. Don’t forget to head to Volcano Manor so you can begin the invader missions there.

Eldr Mtvolc Ldd 2
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While you’re near Mount Gelmir, don’t forget to activate Rykard’s Great Rune, one of Elden Ring’s most useful Runes due to its healing ability when hitting enemies. It could save your life!

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