Elden Ring Game Boy Demake Reveal

Elden Ring is a couple months old, and its popularity is still thriving in its community. We’re already seeing mods for the game, one of which immortalizes a popular hero among the fanbase. But this is really only the start. Creative fans are going to keep taking the game into strange, new places. For proof, you should look no further than the Elden Ring subreddit, where a fan is creating a Game Boy demake of the game. And they plan on committing.

If you ever thought Elden Ring could work well in the mold of Link’s Awakening, you apparently weren’t the only one. Reddit user and streamer shintendo shared their work in progress on the Elden Ring demake, created with GB Studio 3.0. The footage is short, showing off the game’s introduction sequence and first “boss fight.” It’s clearly early in development, but you can certainly view it as a proof of concept that may just work.


In the video, Elden Ring on the Game Boy still works with some of its expected systems intact. You can attack, interact with the environment, and even roll. Of course you can roll. And the animation for it is absolutely perfect. Instead of a simple dodge roll, the sprite looks at you while pulling off a cartwheel. It’s great, and I hope shintendo doesn’t change it. The rest of it, such as attacking with a sword, is still a bit rough. But again, the development is still clearly in its beginning stages. Shintendo comments that they “haven’t decided on the scope yet,” but wants to reach Limgrave by “the end of May.”

Bring more demakes

The Elden Ring Game Boy demake seems to be a part of a trend, right? A Bloodborne demake finally landed on the PC back in February. And that creator is also making a Bloodborne Kart racer, also set in classic PlayStation graphics. Elden Ring on the Game Boy takes even more steps into the past. But, as a fan of Link’s Awakening, I think it looks pretty cool.

You can follow along with the demake’s progress as well. Shintendo will release video updates on their YouTube channel, and also stream the game’s development on their Twitch channel.

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