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Elden Ring: How to beat the Fire Giant

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The Fire Giant is the final test before reaching the “point of no return” in Elden Ring. An utterly massive boss, the giant lives up to his name with a wide array of fire-based attacks. He’s also quick to use physical attacks such as a shield swipe, a cute roll, and more. This handy guide should help you figure out how to beat the Fire Giant, and hopefully not get burnt or stomped in the process.

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Elden Ring boss guide – How to beat the Fire Giant

The Fire Giant is not an optional boss in Elden Ring. To complete the story, you’ll need to go face to face (to… face?) with the enormous brute. He appears in the Mountaintops of the Giants, a place you can reach after clearing out Leyndell, Royal Capital. The Fire Giant stands guard over the Forge of the Giants, which you must light before the end of the game.

Since you’ve no doubt faced larger foes in the game up to this point, you should have a good idea on how to dance with a giant. He stomps and slams, all the while dishing out a massive amount of damage. But he’s also slow, and most of his attacks can be easily dodged so long as you’re paying attention. His fire abilities may be more difficult to avoid. However, it’s not impossible. You may want to consider using fire damage negation, just in case. Spells like Flame, Protect Me and equippable items such as the Flamedrake Talisman can help.

Elden Ring How To Beat The Fire Giant Shield

If he’s doing this, prepare to dodge.

Elden Ring Fire Giant boss fight – Phase 1

Don’t fool yourself into thinking the Fire Giant can only attack when you’re close up. His first attack when you enter the arena can cover a surprisingly large distance. You’ll need to keep an eye on his movements to know how to avoid it. Like Placidusax, the Fire Giant looks intimidating. However, unlike Placidusax, the first phase can be easily managed once you know of the giant’s glaring weakness. His poise can also be broken, so bonk away.

  • Rock toss (shield attack) – The Fire Giant will open with this move most of the time. He digs is enormous shield into the ground before sending a wave of rock in your direction.
  • Shield wipes – The giant will swipe once or twice with his shield.
  • Shield slam – The Fire Giant will take a couple of steps forward before slamming down his shield, or he’ll leap for a double-handed slam. If you’re close, he’ll also try and squish you with the shield.
  • Stomp – This is pretty much self-explanatory. If you’re near his feet, he’ll stomp down with one foot and then the other.
  • Explosive fire orb, aka Flame of the Fell God – The Fire Giant will casually release a burning orb that slowly tracks you before detonating. The area will then burn for a short time.
  • Fireball – The Fire Giant will raise a burning hand before sending off a fast-moving fireball.
  • Roll – The giant sets his shield on the ground, and rolls a great distance. He does this a lot.
  • Burning ground, aka Burn O Flame! – The Fire Giant places his palm on the ground, and patches of fire will appear a few second before they erupt into burning pillars.

Elden Ring How To Beat The Fire Giant Eye See You

Phase 1 breakdown

So, yes, the Fire Giant has a lot of moves that will keep you on your toes. This is why a lot of players have had so many issues with the boss. Torrent is allowed during this fight, so feel free to use him in order to escape some of the slower attacks. However, when starting the fight, I suggest keeping an eye on the “rock toss,” which can do a lot of damage to you and Torrent early on.

If you see the giant dig his shield into the ground, you have only seconds to make your decision. What I did was I dismounted and rolled through the attack. However, getting the timing right is tough. You can also try to take advantage of the invincibility frames while mounting or dismounting Torrent. But again, the timing is tricky. You may be able to jump over it, but I haven’t had any luck.

Most attacks are easily avoidable, either by dodging his slow swings or foot stomps, but not all. After you shave off about one-third – or even one-fourth — of his health, the Fire Giant reaches into his belly mouth, which sets his left hand on fire. Now he’s capable of fire moves. The fireball is tough to avoid, especially on Torrent. Personally, I tackled this fight mostly on foot as a melee player, and used Torrent to close any gaps. The ‘burning ground’ move is easier to avoid, since flames will appear for a few seconds before the fire columns. The Flame of the Fell God will also appear, and I’d suggest getting in close to trigger its detonation before dodging the blast.

Elden Ring How To Beat The Fire Giant Rocks

The giant often turns into a roaring volcano right at the start of phase 2.

Taking advantage 

When fighting the Fire Giant, you may notice that his left leg has some kind of brace made of bone tied up with the giant’s red hair. It’s covering his injured ankle, and should be your primary point of attack. You do more damage on his bandaged ankle, and after a short time, the brace will break off. When this happens, the giant will be momentarily stunned, so be sure to keep attacking. The injured ankle remains the giant’s weak point until his second phase.

Elden Ring Fire Giant boss fight – Phase 2

In what is probably the most uncomfortable scene I’ve experienced in a Souls game, the Fire Giant “deals” with his ankle in a cutscene to start off phase 2. Basically, after dishing out enough damage, his leg breaks and he rips it off. The “face” on his chest and stomach will awaken, and the giant ends some of his physical attacks to focus on fire magic.

  • Mouth volcano – The large, stomach mouth will belch out chunks of burning rock. Avoid the falling debris as much as possible.
  • Roll – The giant will roll a lot more in phase 2, often changing his position to face you.
  • Fireball – The Fire Giant will shoot two fireballs instead of just one.
  • Flame of the Fell God – Two orbs will be sent out, as opposed to one.
  • Melee attack – When you’re close, the giant will slam his hands down on you.
  • Elbow/sideways drop – On rare moments, the Fire Giant will try and crush you by slamming one side of his body onto the ground.
  • Burn O Flame! – The fire spell is more potent than before, but you can still dodge it by see where the pillars are spawning.

So many new attacks! What a treat. During the second phase of the fight, both of the giant’s hands will burn with re-hot fire. His fire-based attacks, like the orb and fireball, are doubled. For these, you can still follow the previous instructions.

He no longer has his injured ankle, but that doesn’t mean he’s without weak points. From what I can tell in my fight, both his hands are weaker to damage than his legs. You will have to risk his melee attacks, but they’re not too hard to dodge. His elbow slam, however, puts his second face right in smacking range. You can deal a lot of damage by hitting it right in the eye.

Elden Ring How To Beat The Fire Giant Hand Attack

His hands seem to be his new weak points in the second phase.

Your reward for defeating the Fire Giant

The first reward for completing the fight is the sense of satisfaction of never having to look at the giant again. That is, until NG+. Beating the giant rewards in 180,000 Runes and the Remembrance of the Fire Giant. The Remembrance can be traded for the Giant’s Red Braid, a STR/DEX/FAI whip, or the Burn O Flame! incantation.

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