Elden Ring community hero ‘Let me Solo Her’ will fight Malenia live, reaching 1,000 kills

Elden Ring Malenia let me solo her

The saga of ‘Let Me Solo Her’ in Elden Ring is one that isn’t likely to be forgotten anytime soon, but now it looks like the story is about to reach its peak. Klein Tsuboi announced on Reddit that they will fight Malenia tomorrow in a livestream. This is also going to be their 1,000th time defeating the boss.

The story started over three weeks ago, when Elden Ring players from all over were struggling with Malenia, Blade of Miquella. After all, she is one of the hardest boss fights in all of Elden Ring. However, there was one player that spent a huge amount of time learning how to beat Malenia with ease. This was, of course, the now legendary ‘Let Me Solo Her,’ also known as Klein Tsuboi on YouTube.


Elden Ring‘s legend goes to new heights

This player would go on to help a huge number of their fellow tarnished in the fight against Malenia. However, they obviously couldn’t be there to help at all times of the day. So, a week or so after ‘Let Me Solo Her’ appeared, a mod was made that let players summon them into their own world. It wasn’t as powerful as the real thing, but it certainly proved useful for a few.

‘Let Me Solo Her’ also helped FromSoftware discover some glitches. There was a particularly nasty bug where Malenia would recover health, even when her attacks didn’t hit you. Luckily this was fixed, and Malenia’s difficulty returned to normal. Hilariously, not even this glitch was enough to make ‘Let Me Solo Her’ fail in their fight.

Elden Ring let me solo her

The legend of ‘Let Me Solo Her’ may not be coming to an end. At its core, this journey signifies what the Souls games mean for so many. It’s a perfect example of someone overcoming the odds and beating the challenges that Elden Ring presents. This is also an empowering story for those that might be having a hard time in the game. After all, Elden Ring makes it possible for anyone to do what ‘Let Me Solo Her’ did.

‘Let Me Solo Her’ will fight Elden Ring‘s Malenia live on their YouTube channel on May 10 at 6 PM ET.

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